Verb conjugations

There hasn't been a lot of development on surface recently on Sakura Dict. We have been working under the hood and we will provide some changes before the end of the year. The first to come to your screen is the conjugation of verbs. From now on, for each verb you will find a card in the page of this verb with the conjugations. ![Conjugation card in word description](card.png) Since there are a dozen of tenses, each with negative and polite form, the card itself lists only a few conjugations to save space. If you know Japanese grammar, you should be able to infer the rest of the conjugations from these few forms. If you want the complete conjugation chart, just click or tap on the link at the bottom of the card. A popup will open with all the possible forms of the verb. ![Full conjugation chart](popup.png) We have confidence in our conjugation engine, but of course if you find any error, please tell us in the comments below. It's nice to be able to conjugate a verb you already know, but that's not all! You can now search for a conjugated form in the dictionary. If you type it in the search box, our engine will recognize it as a conjugation, and will immediately display the stem verb, the tense and the mode. In the suggest box: ![Instant stemming of japanese verb](suggest.png) As well as in the detailed search results: ![Details of a verb corresponding to a conjugation](detailed.png) So if you ever wondered what verb does いらっしゃい come from, wonder no more!

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